Weather. Land.


For the past six months, I’ve been focusing my paintings on a fascinating walk through the southern meadows of Knox Farm State Park. Just before sunset, in mid-August of 2015, cloud formations created a wealth of information that has inspired my painting in both style and content. The painting on the left is titled Distant Summer Rain and the painting on the right is titled Evening Summer Rain 2. The paintings are oil on linen panel and 12 inches square. I made my oil panels by stretching/adhering linen with PVA on oak panels. They are double primed with white oil ground. They were completed in 2016.

Both paintings are being exhibited at the Erie Art Museum through July 17th. It is an honor to be included in this annual juried exhibition.ErieArtMuseum_Spring93



I am fascinated by our sky. When I began painting the landscapes that I walked and kayaked, my  experience always led me towards the sky. The land and water are changed by light and season. Yet, the sky is an ever changing canvas. Minute by minute it presents a new painting. This is one of my first paintings on linen. It was painted last year. The surface is quite rough from the linen. I double prime the surfaces now to paint on a more smooth surface.



In this series of paintings, my focus was on the essence of a figure within an interior space without being represented. I started looking out the windows to see the view beyond.

Fresh Start.


I painted these oil studies a few years ago. I wanted to get into the practice of painting everyday and decided what better way to start than painting from life. Much like riding a bicycle, after a few awkward starts, I was pleased to find my brushstroke again.



Before I begin my oil paintings on linen, I create a series of studies on paper in gouache or watercolor. It helps me work out composition and color. These two studies are 2 inches square in watercolor. The oil paintings, in progress, are 8 inches square.